Prabal Gurung x Joya

Prabal Gurung and Joya present a limited edition collection of locally crafted candles benefitting victim services agency Safe Horizon.

As longtime friends and local business allies, Gurung and Frederick Bouchardy’s partnership was inspired by their shared belief that everyone deserves a safe space where they feel protected and at peace. They conceived the Prabal Gurung x Joya candle collection to bring warmth and light into the homes of others, transforming them into serene havens where positivity and hope can thrive.

Made from a soy wax blend, fine fragrances, and essential oils, Prabal Gurung x Joya candles are blended and hand poured in Brooklyn by a team of skilled artisans. The collection was inspired by three powerful words of empowerment and affirmation, and the candles are offered in a soft rose gold vessel, and are available in three uplifting scents.

HOPE: Deep musk rose with notes of star magnolia, silver bell, tuberose and pale musk

SOUL: Smoky rhododendron and firewood with notes of tobacco flower, juniper tar, iris and violet wood

DREAM: Fresh Nepal fig with notes of coconut milk, peach, cedar leaf and rainwater

Gurung and Bouchardy have partnered with Safe Horizon, a non-profit victim services agency that touches the lives of 250,000 children, adults, families affected by crime and abuse throughout New York City each year. Safe Horizon operates one homeless youth shelter and eight confidential domestic violence shelters in the city’s five boroughs. In addition, they assist victims of human trafficking, sexual assault and child abuse. 10% of gross sales from Prabal Gurung x Joya candle collection will be donated to Safe Horizon to support their mission to provide a safe space for healing, prevent violence, advocate for victims’ rights, and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities.

“To me, there is something sacred about creating a safe space where you can feel at peace, reflect, and heal your soul. I have always used candles and smells to create a serene environment for my meditation practice, andit was a dream of mine to create my own scents. I have been a longtime admirer of Frederick [Bouchardy] and Joya, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them and the incredibly talented artisans in his studio. The collection we created seeks to spread positivity and light, and is inspired by words of affirmation and strength. It is important to both of us to use our businesses to give back. By partnering with Safe Horizon, I hope that we can help in some small way to support their vitally important work for the New York community, providing a safe space and advocacy for victims of violence and abuse.”– Prabal Gurung

“Prabal and I share a commitment to use our businesses for good, to provide inspiration and distribute resources. I'm proud we can support Safe Horizon and their mission to assist the vulnerable when they need it most. Prabal and I wanted to work together for some time and spoke almost immediately after lockdown to see how we could join forces to provide positivity and a valuable philanthropic initiative. The development of this collection was unorthodox—exchanging raw materials and references all remotely, creating something personal together from a distance. The results are beautiful, evocative—releasing alongside the careful New York City reopening, as our team comes back together to produce these candles in a safe and new way.” – Frederick Bouchardy

Prabal Gurung x Joya candles come in a large size and burn for up to 90 hours. They retail at $75 per candle, or $200 for a set of three, and are available for purchase at 10% of gross sales will be donated to Safe Horizon. To learn more about Safe Horizon, and donate to them directly, please visit