Floriography Limited Edition

Floriography is the secret language of flowers, a story told through arrangements and iconography in art and literature across cultures for thousands of years.

Originally created as an evolution of our Signature collection of perfumes and home fragrance, we are releasing this limited edition range of 3 scented candles now in honor of this form of cryptological communication—as a symbol of our need to stay creative and connected.

Most all fragrances are built on a foundation of flowers. This collection is also inspired by tea ceremonies, incense rituals, embedded and imagined odors and souvenirs.

Each container is one-of-a-kind porcelain, cast by hand at our studio in NYC. Color appearing to be brushed atop the surface of the vessel is, upon closer inspection, charcoal-stained slip painted inside the mold, inlaid within the natural, uncolored porcelain. Clay is sourced from Upstate New York.

A reimagined formulation of one of our most popular fragrances, cool and soothing tea inflections, herbs and citrus sit atop a sheer, graceful, blue-green base of moss and musk.
Notes: petitgrain, pine, orange, oakmoss, mint, lavender, thyme and pale musk.

A heart of delicate white botanicals transports, while subtle green tartness and floralcy grounds us in the present moment. Milky and warm, plus the snap of fallen winter leaves.
Notes: jasmine, tuberose, coconut, gardenia, rhubarb, rosewater and sweet musk.

Smoke and ash suggest warmth, while herbal elements stimulate and inspire. This assemblage is calming yet wild, centering cedar and the palo santo ritual in a way that is both comforting and new.
Notes: amber, cedar, palo santo, leather, rosemary, fig leaf and birch tar.

*If you buy three Floriography candles enter code FLORIOGRAPHY at checkout for a bundle price of $225*