"Noble Fir" 3-Wick Limited Edition

Recall and recognition: The Noble Fir is a high-altitude North American tree, whose crisp sweetness summons vivid memories.Our interpretation is soothing, sustaining: Warm resins unite with cool, green needles and foliage. Perfect for holiday, especially this year—when we are all realizing we need to take extra care of ourselves and each other—but also classic and comforting year-round.

See below a few shots of the process!

Notes: Cedarwood Texas, cypress, white pine, raspberry jam, sandalwood, Siberian fir needle, green apple and green ivy.
We rarely design 3-wick candles. Grey porcelain container is reissued from our archives, originally designed by Sarah Cihat and produced in extremely limited quantities by hand at our studio in NYC. What appears to be a gradient of dents toward the bottom of the vessel creates a subtle and beautiful play of shadows. This form will not be available again.