... under roots and in the marrow of the air, you can grasp the truth of mistaken things.
 Federico Garcia Lorca, “Poet in New York”

Joya designs and manufactures fragrances and scented objects in New York City.

Established in 2006 by Frederick Bouchardy as both a fragrance brand and design studio, Joya lives at the City’s edge in a retrofitted, 19th Century Clinton Hill rigging garage turned scented atelier. The company’s industrial space—and handmade products—pay homage to America’s explorers, entrepreneurs, artists and philosophers.

Joya’s collection of scents—Composition No 1, Composition No 6, Âmes Sœurs, Foxglove and Noelle—distill and capture not only plant and flower essences but also the moods and melodies of the forbidden, forgotten and impossible. From Âmes Sœurs’ subterranean explorations of earth, resins and connected memories, to Foxglove’s evocation of nature both wild and manicured, to Noelle’s dream of a fluorescent sky, Joya’s perfumes dwell in the in-between and on the brink, inspired by the energy and emotion of New York and its long line of restless searchers.

Diverse works, including perfumes, candles, diffusers, soaps and art objects, emerge in various guises under Joya’s name— and in partnership with emerging artists or commissioned by established designers and global brands—crafted in-house from beginning to end.

The company also designs environmental scents that are dispersed into the air through gas atomization technology at hotels, boutiques and events worldwide.

Joya’s Brooklyn studio is home to all of the company’s operations—design, development, candle and ceramic manufacturing, warehousing, headquarters—in addition to a unique, award-winning storefront.

Inside this sanctuary, artisans cast porcelain vessels into which others hand-pour scented wax that perfumes the space. In the lab, fragrances are designed and developed for skin, air and other applications.

In 2016, Joya’s flagship space opened to the public, providing an immersive cultural initiative: tours, events and interactive art installations invite guests to observe the design and production processes.

 The hybrid production facility and boutique have been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, WWD, Wallpaper* and Hypebeast. The space is also a Prix Versailles Special Prize for an Interior North America winner, a Building Brooklyn Award winner, an honoree in the Interior Design Best of the Year and NYCxDesign Awards—and received an honorable mention from the American Architecture Prize.