Taylor & Miller Architecture

Taylor and Miller Architecture and Design is a multi-disciplinary studio that works in architectural design, lighting design and fabrication. The firm is based in New York with workshop facilities in the Berkshires and has a portfolio of projects that include the design of museums, residential, retail, offices and art installations alike.

For Joya, Taylor and Miller created a retail environment that is literally and figuratively suspended between the formality, cleanliness, and elegance of a retail space and the informality and grit of a highly active factory. This retail experience is meant to hover between the context of consumption and the context of production, two environments that are too often ripped apart for the sake of protecting the sanctity of the antiseptic and heavily branded retail store.

The space is comprised of large floating steel and wood veneer surfaces suspended from the factory ceiling. None of the steel surfaces touch each other, meaning that while they define the retail space, the beautifully scented activities of the factory space permeate the retail experience. The retail sides of the floating surfaces are wrapped in an oak wood veneer while the factory side of the surfaces is left entirely bare. Therefore, the space of consumption and the space of production is separated by the thinnest of architectural elements: a single sheet of veneer and a single sheet of steel. This configuration elicits material and metaphorical connections to Joya’s fabrication processes, which are rooted in the relationship between cast and mold. For the production of Joya candles and ceramics, the mold is materially and texturally defined in a similar way as the floating steel and veneer panels used in the Joya retail space: The side of the mold that faces outward is rough and unfinished and at home in the context of the rough and unfinished factory space, while the inside surfaces of the mold are pristine and refined, turned away from the context of the factory and towards the space of the consumed product.


American Architecture Prize Special Mention
Interior Design Best of the Year 2016 Honoree
Brooklyn Building Awards Winner- Neighborhood Retail
NYCxDesign 2016 Honoree
Prix Versailles Winner - North American Retail