Pura x Joya Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser

Waxed sneakers, carved mermaid soaps, and mini candles that smell like quarter pounders. At Joya, we love pushing ourselves and what’s possible with scent. Adding to the list of our “diffusive” experiments, we’re glad to announce new smart diffusers in partnership with our friends at Pura.

When Pura asked if we wanted to introduce our artisanal fragrances as diffusers, we were ecstatic because it meant offering another way to explore our original scents!

And we took this all the way: The two scents we are offering in this format are designed to evoke the feeling of your favorite Parisian hotels. They are unlike what you have experienced as plug-in diffusers thus far.

Our intention is to make sure that what boundaries we push in product—the technical storytelling—is matched by the execution in fragrance profiles. This is why we’ve formulated Âmes Sœurs (scent of soulmates) and the excellent special edition Copaline for our first forays with Pura.

Âmes Sœurs’ grapefruit is a rounded blend of creamy notes and warm woods. The fragrance resembles an orange blossom wrapped in smoke.

Sweet and resinous, Copaline is a unique take on the ways woods are explored today. If woody scents are supposed to represent the waft of pine and fallen leaves of a forest, then Copaline is what happens when you’re up close: the bark peeled back, leaves being crumpled.

We can’t wait to see how these are used in your living configurations! Pura has created an exceptional smart home scent diffuser. The interface is excellent, and the light is a delight. We believe in this innovation and agree with their approach—that between the intersection of technology and fragrance, the finest forms of fragrance can exist.



Sweet bergamot and white amber combine with velvet musk, fossil resin, agarwood, and saddle leather for a fragrance with depth and intrigue.

Notes: bergamot and feni, rockrose, velvet musk, cedar leaf, patchouli, copal resin, guaiacwood, powdery sandalwood, saddle leather.

For the person who enjoys soft, lactonic, and creamy citrus vibes.


Âmes Sœurs

Shimmering grapefruit blends with orange blossom, cedarwood, and sweet musk for a fragrance that is distinctly familiar yet new.

Notes: spicy tamarind, grapefruit, cypress, orange blossom, rose, ginger, cedarwood, incense, vetiver, and sweet musk