La Maison Simons + Joya

At Joya, we’re proud to create, produce, and collaborate within our studio and flagship in New York City. Working in Clinton HIll (Brooklyn) specifically means we’re constantly exposed to innovation, inspiration, small businesses and personable bodega cats! Our location is part of what makes us special.

The pandemic and unforeseeable future it engendered, however, made us more aware of the limits of physical shopping. Beyond shipping orders efficiently and offering complimentary shipping when we can, we’re doing our best to ensure that our distribution is accessible.

This is why we’re pleased to announce that our Signature line and Floriography collection is now available at La Maison Simons, a premiere shopping destination with its own rich, regional history in Quebec. We’re excited that Joya’s own work—the stories that we tell with our scents—will make its way to more people and places!