La Maison Simons + Joya

At Joya, we’re proud to create, produce, and collaborate within our studio and flagship in New York City. Working in Clinton HIll (Brooklyn) specifically means we’re constantly exposed to innovation, inspiration, small businesses and personable bodega cats! Our location is part of what makes us special.

The pandemic and unforeseeable future it engendered, however, made us more aware of the limits of physical shopping. Beyond shipping orders efficiently and offering complimentary shipping when we can, we’re doing our best to ensure that our distribution is accessible.

This is why we’re pleased to announce that our Signature line and Floriography collection is now available at La Maison Simons, a premiere shopping destination with its own rich, regional history in Quebec. We’re excited that Joya’s own work—the stories that we tell with our scents—will make its way to more people and places!

Please check out a few of our favorite scents being carried by Simons:

 Photo credit: Simons, 2021


Foxglove is literally New York City. Before the lore of the city as skyscrapers, buttered bagels,  and the Five Points, New York was said to have been covered in Foxglove, the odorless and pseudo-poisonous plant. Our Foxglove is an exploration of these haphazards. A soft green explosion of salt meadow grass, cedar and oak supported by honeyed florals and a juicy burst of bittersweet blood orange.

Notes: blood orange, salt meadow grass, hyacinth leaves, honeyed jasmine, camellia, jonquille, treaty oak, white cedar, and wild musk.

For the person who enjoys earthy-based and green notes.

 Photo credit: Simons, 2021

Composition No 1

The wonderful world of Joya! Our first perfume, Composition No. 1, blasts open with the forbidden fruit quince, not apple. Warm and inviting and subtly sweet on the skin. The  handmade porcelain vessel was designed by a frequent collaborator, Sarah Cihat, and comes with a 22k gold dipped wand.

Notes: sparkling citrus, italian mandarin, valencia orange, quince, heliotrope petals, tuberose, jasmine, camellia, damask rose.

For the person who enjoys soft, lactonic, and creamy citrus vibes.

 Photo credit: Simons, 2021


Most fragrances are built on a foundation of flowers. Floriography is our language or excursion into this floralcy. Beyond the smell of petals and flowery sameness, we wanted to explore flowering teas in ceremonies with Green Tea Gunpowder. Or the ritualistic symbolism of incense with Smoky Hinoki. A limited edition collection, each porcelain container is remixed with one-of-a-kind art.

For the person who prefers less conventional takes on scents.