Inner Minion Special Edition Candles

Joya has partnered with Illumination and Universal Brand Development to create a limited-edition collection of sculptural scented candles with matching cast porcelain holders.

The range transforms Bob, Stuart and Kevin (3 of the iconic Minions from the most successful animated franchise of all time) into objects that serve as both decorative, collectible art pieces and functional candles.

Thoughtfully designed and uniquely detailed, the Minions are captured as raw wax pillars in tranquil, zen-like poses—evoking a theme of mindfulness and remaining present—that sit in ceramic vessels shaped like their signature overalls. 

In celebration of Minions: The Rise of Gru, in theaters Summer 2022, the collection released on HBX / Hypebeast in December 2021 and launches at Joya’s Brooklyn boutique and on on January 14, 2022.

True mindfulness takes patience, awareness, courage, maybe a little mischief.

Light a Joya x Minions candle and start your spiritual journey.

The in-house team at Joya conceived of the Inner Minion concept to add levity and balance to the project, which—visually and from a design-perspective—is complex, sophisticated, as exemplified by the tonal, all-ecru color palette of the finished product.

Original renders and three dimensional forms were created by Joya’s designer Martin Sombathy. The Joya team worked closely with the Illumination and Universal Brand Development teams to maintain the characters’ well known humorous sides but establish them as statuesque, monument-like—to evoke a museum or art gallery level of quality. between a kind of toy and work of art: Silly but consequential at the same time.

The Joya team used hi res 3d printed plastic to create positive forms. The wax parts go through a proprietary preparation process that enables the Joya production team to manufacture the candles at relative scale without undercuts and air bubbles and pockets. The results are sleek and seamless. In production, Joya uses silicone molds that are heated and cast, refilled carefully by hand and demolded by 2 people per piece—and hand finished on the bottoms for smooth surfaces. Then, a 100% cotton wick is inserted. 

The prints for porcelain were reproduced as silicone in order to design and build 13 part plaster molds. The casting process for these was exacting, requiring intense and complete focus to assemble the wet clay pieces together and maintain uniformity. Essentially, the pieces of the lower part of the body are put together like a difficult game and the wet (porcelain) clay affixes to itself. Ultimately, these are hand-finished and fired by elements in Joya’s industrial kilns, and artwork is pad printed underneath.

Every step took place as Joya’s studio in Brooklyn, NY, or in collaboration with local manufacturing partners.

The eye-catching collectible packaging features original artwork and is a delightful unboxing experience—produced by Decoupage + Assemblage, Inc, not far from Joya in Long Island City—utilizing 80 pound text paper printed digitally on an HP 12,000, film lamination on the sheets that are wrapped onto recycled board stock, elegant closure with set of 2 magnets and custom Made in USA foam with die cut inserts for safety. The candle design was intended to be used and enjoyed as a multi-sensory experience, but the packaging keeps the valuable item secure for transit and for collectors that intend to stash their item.

The fragrance itself was developed in-house by Joya Founder and Creative Director, Frederick Bouchardy. The scent’s design taps into the 1970’s setting of the upcoming film and continues to support and illustrate the light-hearted awareness and meditation theme as well, reading as follows:

Jasmine petals, cedar leaf and sweetwater stimulate reflection, introspection.

Next, an encounter with patchouli, amber and velvet musk illuminate your calling.

Finally, a hint of banana essence and the road home: What you had been seeking was under your nose this entire time.

The candle itself, if / once used, has no impact, as the wax and fragrance and wick vaporize. We suggest users repurpose the porcelain base as a catchall for keys or coins,  succulents or other forms of new life. Instructions and suggestions are playfully illustrated on the packaging and online.

Look inward.