Introducing Lucali & Joya

An experiential collaboration between Brooklyn businesses
that are leading their respective categories…
Stimulating the senses and honoring the city they love
by tapping into intimate memories and a unique heritage.


At Joya, we got to know the Lucali ethos and origin story. Mark Iacono, the founder of Lucali, grew up in Brooklyn and revealed instant aromatic memories—fond stories about the neighborhood he grew up in, Carroll Gardens. 

With these memories, we created a collection that evokes the beauty of New York City through his specific Italian-American roots.

The result became an incredible excursion of Mark’s olfactive obsessions: the scent of his grandfather’s favorite coffee drink, the brick-oven aroma of the restaurant, the waft of Lucali’s fresh herbs and spices. Mark is even obsessed with the odor of sautéed garlic and made sure we understood the effusive notes of its caramelized perfection: freshly minced, simmering in olive oil in a cast iron pan and warmed by the fire of their brick oven. 

Mark has devoted his life to creating the perfect pizza. And our hope is that we've been able to illuminate the total gastronomical efforts of his work!

The collaboration comes in a range of three core scented candles available as full sized/solo and votive gifts set, plus a special edition “sautéed garlic” candle.



So fresh, so clean: Fragrant basil, heirloom tomato and pinches of oregano, rosemary and thyme are invigorating, crisp, green.


Brick oven aroma wafts throughout the establishment, captured via notes of citron, golden amber, smoked birch, patchouli and sugarcane.


Energizing and evocative: Star anise and cinnamon bark over layers of espresso, vanilla bean and hits of heliotrope and whipped caramel. 


Fresh minced garlic, sautéed and sizzled in olive oil to caramelized perfection, is an extraordinary olfactory treat.






185g single candle - $48.00

3-votive (65g each) set - $76.00