Updated August 26, 2020 - At Joya, we are taking the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 very seriously as their safety is our top priority. We have a protocol in place to help protect our team members, based on the following CDC and OSHA guidelines:



Our focus is on the team's health, collective morale and efficiency. We all need to do what we can to keep ourselves and each other healthy. In this way, self-responsibility and transparency are key. 

Prior to the start of the work day, Joya employees are required to pre-screen at home to ensure their temperature is below the CDC recommendation of 100.4 - anything above that, and they are asked to remain at home as coming to work while feeling a little sick is no longer acceptable. They do not have to fear speaking up about how they are feeling, whether it is related to the coronavirus or not. We cannot resume our regular lives if we keep risking them.

When team members arrive at our Brooklyn studio, they are required to remove the masks and gloves worn during their commute, which are disposed of immediately. Next, their hands are sanitized, and their temperature is taken a second time with a digital thermometer. They are provided with a new set of mask and gloves, and only then are granted entry to the studio.

While at work, team members are required to keep a 6 ft. distance from each other. For now, breaks and lunches are spent alone and in our break room or in front of our studio - they do not venture out in public to prevent exposure to outsiders, to protect themselves as well as their co-workers. Healthy snack foods and beverages are provided by the company. Surfaces such as kitchen counters, microwave buttons, refrigerator handles, staircase rails, and kitchen and bathroom faucets and knobs are wiped frequently over the course of the day with a sanitizing solution comprised of 80% alcohol with water, hydrogen peroxide and glycerin. And at the end of their shift, team members do a thorough clean up of their work spaces and common areas in preparation for the next day.

Ecommerce orders are packed in the safest possible environment, with team members that wash and sanitize their hands frequently during the fulfillment and packing process. Once completed, the packages are stored in an isolated area of the studio until picked up by the requested courier service.

Couriers with pick up or drop off deliveries and packages are greeted at our front door, and all delivery transactions are conducted there. All packages and deliveries are sanitized before being distributed to our team members.

At this time, we are not allowing visits from clients, vendors or walk-in customers as a final safety precaution.