Free People x Joya
Lou Natural Parfum


Introducing Lou, a made-for-everyone perfume from Free People x Joya. Lou is a "vintage" perfume, both in spirit and in terms of ingredient selection, infused with a concentrated blend of pure "ethereal" oils: honeyed, ambery Benzoin Siam and precious white flowers, supported by sweet fire and soft citrus, sheer woods and subtle spice. Cozy, familiar but unknown. That feeling when you recall a song you'd forgotten.

Film by @juliakots_film

The Scent: Layers of sweet woods, honeyed resin, pure white flowers, bright citrus and subtle spice. A woody, floral, citrus perfume made for everyone.

Ethereal Oils: An old-school fragrance term that evokes classic, vintage and— more practically— simpler production methods.

Top Notes: Lemon California, Valencia Orange, bergamot, lime, white grapefruit, petitgrain and pink pepper
Heart: jasmine absolute, neroli and Cedarwood Virginia
Drydown: Benzoin Siam and Guaiac Wood

Neroli – extracted from the flowers of the bitter orange tree. An exquisite, sweet floral scent that's calming and soothing to the spirit. (from France)
Guaiac Wood – steam distilled from the Palo Santo tree. Its sensual, warm, woody aroma is commonly used to cleanse the mind from negative energy and enhance meditation. (from Paraguay)
Jasmine Absolute – known as the ‘king of all flowers’, jasmine has been used for centuries as a perfume for its seductive and irresistible scent. Jasmine oil is relaxing and balancing. (from Egypt)
Benzoin Siam Resin – an aromatic resin (sap) that is manually collected from the bark of styrax tree. Used for centuries in incense and perfume. A ‘sweet woods’ aroma with an amber, caramel note & sweet almond dry-down. (from Thailand)
Bergamot – extracted from the skin of the bergamot fruit just before it ripens. Its scent is a delicious combination of citrus and floral notes. Contains powerful uplifting and relaxing properties. (from Italy)
Pink Pepper – sourced from the berries of the pink peppercorn. Contains a subtle fruity and peppery spice aroma. (from Madagascar)
Valencia Orange – an effervescent citrus oil extracted from the orange peel. Bright & happy. (from USA)

Dermatologically-tested. All-natural, Vegan, Cruelty-free. Sourced globally, made locally in NYC. Blended in organic sugarcane alcohol. 1.7 fl oz. / 50 ml


  • 1.7 fl oz. / 50 ml
  • All-natural, Vegan, Cruelty-free
  • Sourced globally, made locally in NYC
  • Blended in organic sugarcane alcohol

Ingredients: organic sugarcane alcohol, parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), limonene, linalool, benzyl benzoate, benzyl alcohol, citral, eugenol, geraniol

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