Grateful Dead x Joya "Arose" Fireplace Matches


Strike a match to light your newest Arose candle vessels! 

  • Multi-colored tips! Red and Blue to reflect Grateful Dead iconography.
  • Lights quickly and easily
  • Wood splint is longer and thicker than a penny match for a longer burn time
  • Use for candles, grills, stoves, fireplaces, cigars,  campfire and Grateful Dead concerts

The contains original artwork by Grateful Dead aficionado and illustrator, Ruben Perez.

About Grateful Dead x Joya Arose: a continuation of our collaboration with the Grateful Dead! We developed unique scented projects that celebrates the band’s legacy and iconography. 

Ground Shipping Only. Not available for orders outside of the US.

Each box contains 40 striker matches

Match Length: 10 inch

**Complete the set! Order the Arose full-sized vessel, 3-votive set, and Fireplace matches for a special deal at checkout! (For U.S. Shipping Only). 

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