A24 Fantasy


A24 and Joya have partnered to create a scented candle collection inspired by nine classic film genres: Horror, Western, Thriller, Noir, Adventure, Musical, Sci-Fi, Rom-Com and Fantasy.

A24 is the New York City-based entertainment company behind Minari, Uncut Gems, The Lighthouse, The Farewell, Midsommar, Lady Bird, Moonlight, The Witch, The Lobster, Ex Machina and more.

No 9 Fantasy

Misty, metallic. Bright spice. Musty moss.

Notes: armoise, birch tar, cedarwood virginia, clove bud, gurjun balsam, lily of the valley, canadian fir needle, tonka and vanilla beans.

Inspiration: enchanted forests, alchemy, dungeon musk, molten metal, mist and green clover-covered hillsides, shining armor, wet ash. 

** Buy 3 or more candles from the A24 Movie Genre Collection and receive the bundle price of $40 each.

Weight: 7oz / 200g

Approximate Burn Time: 50-60 hours or 33 movies

Only available here and on a24films.com

– Trim wicks to 1/4" before lighting
– Burn candle for no less than 1 hour and no more than 3 hours at a time. This prevents wax tunneling
– Discontinue use when 1/2" of wax remains
– To reuse the candle vessel: hand wash in soapy water or leave the candle in the freezer overnight to remove extra wax

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