Seymour Chwast x Joya "Drafting Table" (Special Edition)


This a continuation of our Seymour Chwast x Joya release from earlier in the year! This version of "Drafting Table" is cast in porcelain with a relief to evoke a woodblock printing technique. When lit, the all-white design allows for the vessel to emit a transluecent-like glow in the dark!

Seymour Chwast is a native New Yorker and noted illustrator. He currently has an exhibition at Poster House in Chelsea, NYC which focuses on the impact Push Pin, his studio with Reynold Ruffins, Edward Sorel and Milton Glaser, had on American illustration.

Inspiration is the portrait of a solitary artist: Moonlight and warm light on a worn drafting table, pencil shavings, smudged sketches and diagonal waves.

We also printed hooded sweatshirts, notecards and lighters to celebrate the occasion. 

Fragrance Notes:

The scent is subtle, luxurious, persistent, present. It is sheer cedar, amber, musk and paper—all heart and base notes—no top:

Texas Cedarwood, tobacco, red juniper, vetiver, oakmoss, dry and sheer ambers, frankincense, chalk dust, musk and suede.

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