Hemingway® "Sun Valley"


Purpose, passion and protection. 

The Joya x Hemingway three-candle capsule collection evokes pivotal chapters in the legendary creator's life. Each fragrance represents a transformative moment, capturing the essence of three locations that shaped Hemingway's journey. From the vibrant streets of Paris to sultry nights in Havana and the serene landscapes of Sun Valley, our scented candles ignite inspiration, become sentimental totems and summon sacred spaces.

Chapter 3: Sun Valley The Sun Valley phase is rooted in simplicity and finding solace in the outdoors. Despite its paradoxical innocence, this period embodies a slower, more contemplative pace. While reflecting on his legacy and safeguarding memories, Hemingway begins a quest for stillness and peace, cherishing old locales and preserving their essence–and his own.

Remembrance and protection. Grounding, rooted in affection for simple times. Vital and outdoorsy, distilled. Innocent and unwritten.

Fragrance Notes: Notes of cedar, suede, balsam fir, bourbon vanilla, clove bud and tobacco flower.

HEMINGWAY® is a registered trademark of Hemingway, Ltd. and is used under license. ernesthemingwaycollection.com

Net Weight: 24 hour candle - 112g / 4 oz.

Mechanic’s Rag. Made of 100% cotton. Made in the USA. 

Ingredients: soy wax blend, fine fragrance, essential oil, cotton wick.  Hand poured in the USA. 

Burn ideally 2 hours at a time, not more than 3.

Repurposing Instructions: 

Once your candle is finished and the vessel is ready to be repurposed, we recommend using ary tissue, towel or rag by hand to wipe off any soot (carbon) that may have accumulated on the inside of the container. You should discard this tissue or rag, so using a dish brush is not

advisable. After this process—once the soot has been removed—a hand-wash in soapy water

to remove excess should do the trick.

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