Grateful Dead x Joya 3 Votive Set


Available as a mini-votive set! A continuation of our collaboration with the Grateful Dead! We developed unique scented projects that celebrate the band’s legacy and iconography. Arose is a scented candle in decorated glass with an original all-natural fragrance!

Original artwork by Grateful Dead aficionado and illustrator, Ruben Perez.

Inspired by a dried rose—pressed and stored within a book's pages—reflecting the flower’s life cycle and rebirth in its new form. The classic Stealie logo is made up of the fragrance's ingredients. 

Notes: Moroccan rose absolute, patchouli, pine, sandalwood, orange terpenes,  honey, nutmeg, tonka and vanilla beans.

Bundle this set with our Arose full-sized vessel and fireplace matches for a special price at checkout!

Candle Set

Net Weight (Individual): 65g / 2.3 oz.

Approximate Burn Time: 20 hours

Ingredients: soy wax blend, fine fragrance, essential oil, cotton wick.

Box is Made in USA of 100% post consumer recycled paper.

– Trim wicks to 1/4" before lighting

– Burn candle for no less than 1 hour and no more than 3 hours at a time. This prevents wax tunneling

– Discontinue use when 1/2" of wax remain

Once your candle is finished and the vessel is ready to be repurposed, we recommend using a dry tissue, towel or rag by hand to wipe off any soot (carbon) that may have accumulated on the inside of the container. You should discard this tissue or rag, so using a dish brush is not advisable. After this process—once the soot has been removed—a hand-wash in soapy water to remove last elements of excess should do the trick. For any stubborn pieces of wax remaining, leaving the container in a freezer overnight usually encourages the wax to shrink and ultimately pop out. Metal wick stabilizers should also pop out without issue.

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