The Brooklyn Circus

We're pleased to announce the relaunch of one of our earliest collaborations! At Joya, we're the happiest when we get to explore and collaborate with other brands and creatives. This kind of ghostwriting, the process of transforming a friend's vision into a palpable, sensorial experience, enables us to understand ourselves and each other better. And we think our candle collaboration with our good friend Ouigi Theodore and The Brooklyn Circus is a perfect example.

The Brooklyn Circus candle has become such an integral part of their shop's ambiance, and we couldn't be more excited to commemorate over a decade of its existence with this relaunch! The raw materials and packaging have been updated with the times, but that warm, comforting feeling when you encounter the scent is the same as ever.

Top notes: grapefruit peel, cypress and coconut milk.
Heart: Damask rose, honeydew and jasmine petals.
Drydown: Bourbon vanilla, sandalwood, sugar and pale musk.