Seymour Chwast x Joya "Drafting Table" Candle

This is Drafting Table!

We’re pleased to announce the release of our newest limited edition, Drafting Table. Inspired by the work of New York design legend Seymour Chwast and featuring an original illustration developed for us by the man himself.

Iconic: Seymour’s drawing for us is a hopeful image that aligns with the playful spirit of Joya but also enlivens the depth of work created by his own practice at Push Pin Studio.

Scent is subtle, luxurious, persistent, sheer cedar, amber, musk and paper.

Notes of Texas Cedarwood, tobacco, red juniper, vetiver, oakmoss, dry and sheer ambers, frankincense, chalk dust, musk and suede...


We also printed hooded sweatshirts, notecards and lighters to celebrate the occasion.