Joya x Emerson Multipurpose Oil


Multipurpose Oil: This multipurpose parfum solution is part of the limited edition Joya x Emerson collaboration. Use it to re-scent your tie-dye socks, or use it towards other laundered items like dryer wool balls. 

Fragrance Details:

Top Notes: basil, green melon and wild grass

Heart: Japanese honeysuckle, jasmine petals, rose, freesia and violet

Drydown: Iso E Super, paper birch and pale musk


To Use: 

For the start of cycle:Add 2-4 drops of the multipurpose solution to a dryer ball. Let oil soak for at least one minute. Then, add to laundry and start your cycle. 

For end of cycle: 10 minutes prior to your cycle ending, add 1-3 drops of the solution to a dryer ball.  Let the dryer ball absorb oil before tossing it into the loaded dryer.

For the entire collection use code EMERSONX for a special bundle price at checkout.

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