New York Stories

New Yorkers are fighters.

At Joya, we make all of our products in New York City and have spent months developing and implementing a new manufacturing process and safety protocol. 

We are adapting and innovating. Our team is not yet back to full strength—but close.

We do this work because we care about each other and because we believe that enjoying perfumes or candles is a way of taking some time to value oneself.

We plan to document our evolution, starting with a reintroduction of maybe our most New York scent. Wild yet precise—like Central or Prospect Park—Foxglove is bursting greenery and blood orange, honeyed florals, salt meadow grass and musk. The New York Times Style Magazine called it “The new unofficial scent of New York City." 
Team Joya
Poison or remedy?

Joya’s Foxglove plays with this duality. A soft green explosion, Foxglove is both tender and fierce, its salt meadow grass, cedar and oak supported by honeyed florals and a juicy burst of bittersweet blood orange.

Top Notes: blood orange, salt meadow grass and hyacinth leaves…

Heart: honeyed jasmine, camellia and jonquille…

Drydown: treaty oak, white cedar and wild musk…