Free People x Joya Lou Natural Parfum

Film by @juliakots_film

A first for us - a natural parfum collaboration with Free People.

Scent, whether for skin or home, is meant to help discover your true nature and express your identity, not mask or suffocate it. Like arranging flowers in a vase, applying perfume or lighting a candle is to take a moment for and to take care of oneself. That's why we're excited to be able to offer our exploration of this idea.

Lou is a "vintage" perfume, both in spirit and in terms of ingredient selection, infused with a concentrated blend of pure "ethereal" oils: honeyed, ambery Benzoin Siam and precious white flowers, supported by sweet fire and soft citrus, sheer woods and subtle spice. Cozy, familiar but unknown. That feeling when you recall a song you'd forgotten. 

Inspired by tomboys but for everyone, we hope that the essence of Lou—of being cool but still kind, free-spirited and lacking category, being limitless—is intimated well when worn.

 Dermatologically-tested. All-natural, Vegan, Cruelty-free. Sourced globally, made locally in NYC. Blended in organic sugarcane alcohol. 1.7 fl oz. / 50 ml