Adieu Tristesse

Jeremy Andre is a friend and the owner of Barely Disfigured located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Like us, Barely has a passionate and dedicated audience, and he requested a scent that could be a total interpretation of his establishment and mission, not something simple and boozy.

Collaboration gives Joya breath! We’re deeply inspired by our surroundings and what our neighbors are up to, and projects like this one with Barely allow us to learn and push the limits, to take on new sentiments and voices. In a time where a lot of small businesses' fates seem uncertain, we’re elated that Barely Disfigured celebrated its fourth anniversary and we’re not at all surprised! And we’re glad to have been a part of their celebration. 

Check out a few photos of the event which contain in no particular order: a live tattoo artist, dozens of Adieu Tristesse candles ablaze, special cocktails and champagne guns, and a closing time past all of our bedtimes.